CODiTECH robotic stations are designed and built for product Identification, Analysis, Measurement and Marking; the Stations can be configured according to the specific needs of the Customer.

Arms that support the mind

Our Vision Systems are supported by latest generation Robots and Cobots, to ensure reachability, flexibility and speed in the automatic inspection cycle;

Vision & Robotics

CODiTECH Stations are designed and built with Robots and Cobots, to sustain 2D / 3D Vision and inspection Systems.


Collaborative robots, COBOT, represent innovation in the world of robotics and  their use in companies is constantly increasing.
Cobots are designed to collaborate with humans, who can use them without the  need for protective barriers.

According to the IFR (the international federation of robotics), the sale of cobots is steadily increasing and there will be a substantial growth in the next decade.


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