CODiTECH develops innovative solutions aimed at the specifics customers needs, to guarantee the best performance.



At first, the job is about listening customer requests, specific needs and making all the tests needed to guarantee the success and effectiveness of the agreed solutions.

Carrying out

Once the offer is accepted, we start carrying out the solution insede our technical lab in order to develop both hardware and software by our team, formed by expert engeneers, technicians and designers.

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The third step is about the installation of the required hardware and the optimization of the software in order to fit the system within the customer’s production line.


With the completed work, our technicians are still available to make interventions after any changes or request, so as to ensure our service when needed by the customer.

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The ideal Partner

CODiTECH system are designed with highly sophisticated technologies, in order to optimize business management and make your company competitive on the market.

The constant commitment to the research and development of products with a high technological content makes us the ideal partner for the realization of solutions related to any kind of application;

Our consulting service evaluates the correct applicability of systems and solutions, in order to guarantee the best result for the customer company.

CODiTECH realize new projects in collaboration with the customers, according to a step-by-step work method that lead the customer during every phase and guarantees the best customized configuration.


Our goal is to provide “turnkey” solutions that guarantee an effective product quality control in the shortest time possible, in order to ensure advantages in the production process without overlooking a high-level “brand image”.

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