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CODiTECH develops specific solutions, based on your company’s strategy, to achieve the predetermined technological and qualitative target.

The integration of Micro-percussion Marking Systems, with the “Turnkey” formula, is made after a sophisticated simulation of the production cycle, to test functionality, reliability and performance.

Micro-percussion and Scratch Marking, pneumatic and electromechanical, is used to make contact incisions that allow the readability of codes, characters and logos even after other surface treatments (like anodizing, sandblasting or painting the material); one of the benefits of using micro-percussion marking is the low-invasive operability, as required in many sensitive sectors like Aeronautics.

The benefits

These devices allow engrave information that automatically change with each marking, like text, date and time, batches, serial numbers, DataMatrix Code; they also allow to change specific parameterizations depending on the surface roughness of the material.

The devices are integrated into the automation systems and production processes, thanks to the various communication interconnections: Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet and Serial.

Some of our integrations

DataMatrix Code Marking System on Tail Rotor (Aerospace);

DataMatrix Code Marking System on TurboJet Shroud (Aerospace);

Serial/Production batch marking system on Pneumatic Rotary Sliding Doors (Automotive);
Serial Number Marking System on Engine Base in production line (Automotive);

Serial Number and DataMatrix Code Marking System on Electrowelded Pipes in production line (MetalMechanical);

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