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Print Apply devices

CODiTECH develops specific solutions, based on your company’s strategy, to achieve the predetermined technological and qualitative target.

The integration of Print Apply Systems, with the “Turnkey” formula, is made after a sophisticated simulation of the production cycle, to test its functionality, reliability and performance.

Print-Apply printers are an automatic labeling systems (Print and then Apply):

  • Equipped with a TouchScreen graphic display for quick and easy system configuration;
  • Host thermal tape reels up to 500 meters;
  • Host label reels up to 250mm in diameter;
  • Incorporate the Ribbon-Saving device as standard;
  • Printing dimensions from 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches;

The internal powerful microprocessors allow the reworking of real-time variable data without penalizing the production rate.

The label is applied directly to the product or pallet, through a high-efficiency pneumatic system.

These systems also allow printing in stand-alone mode, with the aid of a common pocket USB memory.

Some of our integrations

Print-Apply Traceability Data System for Cylinder Heads (Automotive);
Print-Apply System for EAN Pallet on Bottled Mineral Water in production line (Food);
Print-Apply System with ballistic applicator for automatic recipient demographic labeling (Publishing and Logistics);
Print-Apply System for Vehicle Crystals Labeling (Automotive);
Print-Apply System for end-of-line raw materials and production data for Polystyrene Boxes (Packaging);

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