Providing Accessories, Spare Parts and Consumables

Providing Accessories and Spare Parts

Automatic or bench printers:

Thermal PrintHead, Print Rollers, CPU Cards, Printing Buffers, Solenoid Volves, Connection Cables and more.

Dispensers, Cutters, Labels external Rewinders, and more.

Laser System:

Fume Extractor and relative Kit Filters, Endcoders, Protecting goggles and more

Dot peen system:

Solenoid valves kit, connection cables, logic boards, power supplies
Punches Kit, Manual or automatic Z Axis Columns, Spindles for rotating pieces

PDE devices:

Replacement Batteries, Power Supplies and Cables
Holster cases, Take up reels, wall or vehicle mounts


Power supplies, network switches, PCI cards, SW applications, and more

Labels and Ribbons for thermal transfer printers. Materials: Polypropylene, Ultra-destructible, PVC, direct and indirect Thermal Paper, Coated Paper, and more.

Adhesives: Permanent, Removable, Triplex, Reinforced, 3M for specific applications. Availability of all formats, already existing or to be created using a new die.

Inkjet printer Fluids: Inks, Make up, Cleaning solution.

Card and Badge for operator coding, available in different technologies: Chip, Magnetic stripe, RFID, proximity, and many others.