The Artificial Vision systems allow you to analyze the quality of the product and evaluate the acceptability parameters safely and independently, in order to optimize production times and improve the quality control of your product.

The best system for specific application

2D Vision

Maximum Control in Minimum Time

The vision systems allow to detect data and analyze the product quality in order to optimize production times, reducing the control costs carried out by a line operator.

3D Vision

Analyze every detail of your product

The 3D images acquisition, for the production quality verification, reproduces effectively optical checks normally performed by an operator, but with the highest accuracy which only digital systems can guarantee.

Specific Solutions

The Integration of Vision and Inspection Systems, with the “Turnkey” formula, is developed through a sophisticated production cycle simulation to test its functionality, reliability and performance.

The latest generation devices allow you to operate with high speeds and high performance, with:

  • high resolution CCD and CMOS sensors
  • use of specific lenses and filters for the optimization of the images to be analyzed
  • software processing for real-time image analysis

Automation supported by Deep Learning

With the Artificial Intelligence, the automation world takes another step forward in the innovation field.

Today, systems with the right hardware and software equipment can reach performance that were unimaginable.

CODiTECH Vision Systems with Ai Technology are able to automatically identify uncompliant elements, constantly improving analyzes over time.

With this technology, the resources used to configure and calibrate the Vision Systems are significantly optimized in order to be redistributed on different and more important activities.



CODiTECH, to promote Technological Innovation, has partnered with Cogniac Corporation, a pioneering company in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Quality Control in the field of Automation.

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