BiN PiCKiNGBin Picking

Bin Picking

CODiTECH develops and integrates Bin Picking stations with a “Turnkey” formula.

Our robotic islands integrate 3D Robot Vision Systems with high resolution, capable of acquiring reliable images at high speed.
From our software, developed and customized for the customer, it will be possible to access different areas of information to control data like component coordinates and measurement details.

Faster and more accurate

The robotic island with bin picking allows you to eliminate boring and monotonous operations performed by workers. Furthermore, in some risky cases, it guarantee the acceleration of activities that were previously labour-intensive.

The speed and accuracy of a robot also guarantee time and cost savings, in order to allow the company to employ human resources in different activities.

Some of Our Works

Bin Picking system for screw pickup and screwing on engine oil cup (Automotive)

Bin Picking system for positioning rods on pallets in production line (Automotive)

Bin Picking system for sorting syringes on production line (Pharmaceutical)

Bin Picking system for positioning vials on filling and sealing system (Pharmaceutical)

Bin Picking system for sorting warehouse items in the designated spaces (Logistics)

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